College List Selection (Up to 12)

12 colleges will be selected by analyzing NAVIANCE data of your high school. : 3 for SAFETY schools / 6 for MATCH schools / 3 for REACH schools

Even though your school counselor will do this job for you, there will be too many SAFETY schools on the list that your school counselor has set. It is very important to analyze NAVIANCE data correctly so that you do not need to put SAFETY schools more than 3 on your list which means you will get more chance to apply MATCH and/or REACH schools.

Application Process

Consultant @ BLUEKEY will help you complete all items in Common Application (most colleges in East), Coalition Application (e.g. Rutgers University), and/or their own applications (e.g. MIT).

Supplemental Essays Correction by Gary

Consultant @ BLUEKEY will develop a strategy on topic and structure for the supplemental essays. Based on the essay written by yourself (We never write your essay instead), we will check the followings.

  1. Direction if your 1st draft is off topic or gibberish
  2. Structure (Introduction/Body/Conclusion)
  3. Correction (Vocabularies/Grammar)
  4. Final Review before Submit

FAFSA / CSS profile by Director Jay

Consultant @ BLUEKEY will guide you to the appropriate resources for financial aid.