Evidence-based Reading

SAT Reading, which is often the most difficult subject for students, is taught by instructor Gary who has 19 years of experience teaching college entrance exam prep courses.

Gary Yi

SAT II Math Level 2C

More than 95% of students @ BLUEKEY receive a perfect score of 800. We are raising the standard.

Genie Hong

SAT II Biology/Chemistry/Physics

It is very difficult to get a high score (above 750) on SAT II Biology / Chemistry / Physics. Most students @ BLUEKEY have gotten a perfect score of 800. And the average score @ BLUEKEY is 760-770. These scores are still good enough for students to apply most top tier colleges.

John Kim

Academic coordinator

It is important to check in real time whether you understand the contents of the class well or not. If we find you need an extra help, we will give you a supplementary lesson without any additional charge. That is why the results @ BLUEKEY are different. Educational institute is not just business. BLUEKEY has a sense of responsibility.

Jay Sohn

Our results speak for us. Your choice is right!!